Chase DeHan

Finance Professor | Data Scientist | Coffee Junkie

Hello, My Name is Chase.

Chase DeHan - Economics PhD, Former Marine, Competed in Olympic Trials, Code Monkey

I currently am an Assistant Professor of Finance at USC Upstate and have a background in financial analytics especially related to Portfolio Management/Optimization and machine learning applications. I teach courses in Business Finance, International Finance, Portfolio Management, and Financial Analytics Using R.

Historically, I have been interested in working with financial data. My path has been a bit convoluted as I started out working with Stata, found a love of programming using SAS. After a while, I learned that SAS isn't a "real" programming language and migrated over to Python and JavaScript and did a bit of web programming (i.e. this page). Writing code and learning new technologies has become an obsession. I have finally settled on R as my preferred weapon of choice. The process of working through the data just makes so much sense and the community behind it is absolutely amazing. I now attempt to incorporate R programming into all of my classes.

I have a wide ranging skill set in finance, economics and financial econometrics. Most of my research surrounds empirical asset pricing and building long-short portfolios. I have also started working a lot with Machine Learning algorithms with much based on credit risk modelling.

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My Latest Work

Meteor Web App (broken on Chrome)

Finance Recipes
R Code for Finance Replications

400 West Asset Management

Portfolio Optimization
Bayesian Statistical Analysis

Credit Risk Modelling
Predictive Analytics

Warfield Construction
Website and Content

Allison for DA
Website and Social Media

Machine Learning Techniques
Trees, SVM, BMA, Clustering, etc.

What I Do


My background as an Econ PhD allows me to ask more relevant questions than someone with a purely technical background.

Portfolio Optimization

My research background is rooted in Modern Portfolio Theory and optimizing the risk/return of a portfolio subject to constraints.

Machine Learning

I have experience working with many learning algorithms, including: Decision Trees, Random Forest, SVM, Clustering, and Bayesian Methods.

Financial Theory and Stats

Well versed in financial econometrics, my strength is quickly understanding a theory and prototyping into a viable model.

Data Science

The data manipulation skills in R are top notch and are applicable to a wide range of domains.

Freelance Work

I am always interested in taking on interesting projects. Please contact me if you are interested.

Programming Skills

I started writing code in graduate school for financial and statistical modelling purposes, which then grew into a love of writing code for web application frameworks.


Meteor JS


Data Science



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